About Us

Kya’s Smiles is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization devoted to creating broader awareness about the realities of childhood cancer, empowering families who are battling this disease by providing support networks and valuable resources for their own journeys, and raising funds to support families during such a difficult time. In March of 2011, Kya's Smiles was founded to honor Kya Bliss Kapur and countless other children affected by this horrid disease and side effects. Kya lost her battle with cancer at just 13.5 months old but her magical smile, infectious laugh, and vivacious fighting spirit changed many lives and touched many hearts.

The inspiration behind Kya’s Smiles began with a child's smile and lust for life, proliferated with her family's love, and will grow with your unwavering compassion and support. To accelerate and continue Kya's Mission, we need your help.  Our smile begins with you and ends with a cure!